About Strandberg Publishing

Strandberg Publishing specialises in Danish and international non-fiction. We bring genuine expertise and dedication to bear on every process ­– right from the initial idea to the finished book.

Focusing particularly on art, design, architecture, culture, debate, gastronomy and science, our books explore everyday life and society from many angles, offering informative, exciting, and challenging perspectives on our present-day world.

We collaborate with companies, institutions and individuals in making selected books and electronic publications available to the commercial market.

The publishing house covers the entire span of the value chain: from advise, idea to concept, editing, design, production, sales and distribution to marketing, handling of public relations and international sales. Or parts hereof, according to the customer’s needs.

For inquiries regarding International bookstore distribution please contact Thames & Hudson (Europe) or D.A.P. (North America)

International titles

  • vibrations, books, Architecture, art, design, danish design
  • Ports of call, the Danish Seamen’s Church Abroad
  • Børge Mogensen - Simplicity and Function by Michael Müller
  • The little mermaid by H.C. Andersen & Yayoi Kusama
  • 101 Danish design icons by Lars Dybdahl
  • WEGNER - cover
  • Landmarks - cover
  • Friction of ideas - cover
  • The Beatles in Copenhagen 4.6.64 by Knud Ørsted
  • 10-20-30-metoden forside