101 danish design icons

This visually seductive book, published in 2014, is the first ever collection of the most important Danish design objects, functioning as a bible of Danish design that is needed in every home.

Along with thirty-two leading scholars and journalists, editor Lars Dybdahl, head of the library and research at the Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen, delves into the fascinating history of 101 Danish design icons.

Considering the vast interest for Danish design, the publication 101 Danish Design Icons is a must-have. The book contains 101 articles on objects of all aspects of the Danes’ daily lives, from 1775 until today. Iconic dishes, chairs, plastic bags and mailboxes, all find their way into the book. The famous objects have been bought and loved by a wide spectrum of the Danish population. Now, through this English edition, the icons are presented beyond the Danish borders.

The rights of this book belongs to Hatje Cantz.

  • 101 danish design icons
  • By Lars Dybdahl (red.)
  • Published: October 13, 2016
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN: 978-87-92949-06-6
  • Edition/impression: 1/1
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