Embraced by darkness. Cisternerne – from Water Reservoir to Art Space

For more than a decade, Cisternerne has received great recognition in Denmark and abroad for its series of ambitious exhibitions by major international contemporary artists such as Chiharu Shiota, Kimsooja, Tomás Saraceno, SUPERFLEX and Hiroshi Sambuichi.

This book tells the story of a completely unique space and the possibilities it creates for art. Since the conversion of the former water reservoir in Søndermarken on Frederiksberg into an under ground art gallery, a different artist has been invited every year to create a site-specific art project based on Cisternerne’s underground architecture, climate and history. What emerges is a very special, all- embracing and sensual world that simply cannot be experienced anywhere else.

With contributions by Maria Gadegaard, director of The Frederiksberg Museums; Astrid la Cour, former director of The Frederiksberg Museums and now director of SMK – National Gallery of Denmark; Carsten Thau, emeritus professor and historian of architecture and ideas; and Minik Rosing, professor of geology. 

  • Embraced by darkness. Cisternerne – from Water Reservoir to Art Space
  • By Astrid la Cour, Carsten Thau, Maria Gadegaard and Minik Rosing
  • Published: February 1st 2024
  • Indbundet
  • Graphic design: Rasmus Koch Studio
  • Pages: 208
  • ISBN: 9788792596505
  • Edition/impression: 1/1
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