Catz – St. Catherine’s College by Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen has designed numerous buildings of world-class caliber, but in his later years, the architect revealed that if he had to choose just one of his works, it would be St. Catherine’s College. Completed in 1964, it stands as Oxford’s youngest college.

Commonly referred to as St. Catz – or simply Catz. The architecture at that time led a rejuvenation process that, in the following years, influenced the entire United Kingdom stylistically, morally, and economically. The book delves into the architecture and the surrounding park, recounting the stories of the students who have lived and continue to live there today. The masterpiece ‘Catz’ is illuminated through untold, forgotten, or overlooked narratives, drawings, and photos as a supplement to architect photographer Rasmus Hjortshøj’s comprehensive documentation – inside, outside, night, day, with and without people.

  • Catz – St. Catherine’s College by Arne Jacobsen
  • By René Kural
  • Published: August 2024
  • Indbundet
  • Graphic design: Søren Varming
  • Pages: 208
  • ISBN: 978-87-94418-26-3
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